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Aerobic System & Septic Tank Services

Red Light & Audible Alarm

Your aerobic system is equipped with an audible and visual alarm system to notify you when the system needs attention. (Most systems include a toggle switch to mute the audible alarm.) The alarm indicates a problem with the air or spray system. Neither issue represents an emergency, however, notify the Red Dirt office so we can schedule one of our technicians to investigate the problem within a few days.

In panic mode right now?  Click below to see our “Operation & System Care” video (and scan to 05:43 in the timeline!) on what to do!

Operations & System Care

Aerobic System Maintenance

While maintenance procedures vary from one brand of aerobic system to another, all aerobic systems require periodic maintenance to maintain proper function and ensure long life of the components. Additionally, your new aerobic system is required by the DEQ (Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality) to be maintained and warranted by the installer for two years.

Red Dirt Septic suggests that the trash tank of your aerobic system be pumped on a periodic basis, typically every 2-5 years. Pumping frequency depends on usage levels and tank size.

Timely pumping will prevent the buildup of debris in the ATU (aerobic treatment unit) and pump tank, avoiding costly repairs. Our service technicians can easily check your sludge and scum levels to determine if pumping is necessary. 

Please call our office and we’ll help determine when your system may need to be pumped.

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Septic System Care

Having your own septic system requires a little more care and consideration than using a city sewage system.  There are things you should and shouldn’t do to keep your system healthy and give you less headaches down the road.  Click on the link below for our helpful tips.

Septic System Do’s & Don’ts

Adding Chlorine

Depending on the volume of water flow of your home, you may need to add chlorine to your aerobic system periodically. If your system uses chlorine tablets, be sure to purchase chlorine specifically designed for aerobics. Contact our office and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Please note: Chlorine is simply a disinfectant and will not solve an odor issue.  If you have odor outside the house, call our office.  Odor in the area of the aerobic system is likely an aeration issue. 

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Continuing Maintenance

Red Dirt Septic offers a Continuing Maintenance Program to keep your aerobic system operating as designed and to comply with all DEQ standards. If you have a new system installed by Red Dirt, our Continuing Maintenance begins after we have completed the two-year maintenance included with your system purchase.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about maintenance or septic tank repair in Oklahoma City.

Continuing Maintenance