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Is Your Septic Tank Working Properly?

Most people depend on septic tanks to treat and dispose of wastewater from their homes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than one in every five homes in the U.S. rely on small community cluster systems or individual onsite septic systems to treat their wastewater. However, how often do you think about whether the system works correctly? You won’t know where to start unless you’re a professional plumber. Take a look at these signs that indicate you may need septic tank repair.

Bad Odor Around Your Property

Your septic tanks shouldn’t produce any bad smell, whether inside or outside your home. If you start smelling a rotten-egg type of odor, it’s a sign the tank isn’t working properly. There’s a probability that your septic tank has been compromised, and sewage is leaking. This is a problem you can’t ignore, not just because the smell is unbearable, but also because your health and safety could be at risk.

Slow Draining Appliances

Have you noticed that your bathtub and sink aren’t draining water as they used to? Your septic tank could be the reason. There might be something blocking the pipe that drains water to the septic tank. Most homeowners are tempted to use store-bought drain cleaners. Unfortunately, some are aggressive and can end up damaging the pipe. Instead, call an expert who will identify the problem and resolve it.

Drain and Toilets Backing Up

Most of the time, if you haven’t emptied your septic tank in a while, it will lead to the toilets and drain backing up. However, if the leach field is failing, it means the septic tank isn’t processing and treating the wastewater leaving your home. This will automatically cause drains to back up. Enlist the help of a professional plumber for septic tank repair.

Lush Green Grass Near the Septic Tank

We all appreciate the lush green grass around our yard. Nonetheless, it can signify a problem if it only happens near your septic tank instead of the whole yard. There is a chance you will have a leak. That wastewater leaking is like fertilizer, which is why only one part of your yard has healthy grass.

Standing Water Near the Drain Field

Seeing standing water near your drain field indicates that your septic tank is flooded and the leach field is failing. It means wastewater has nowhere to go after being processed.

If your septic tank isn’t working properly, don’t wait for any issue to worsen. Give yourself peace of mind by requesting our septic tank repair services today. Our team at Red Dirt Septic is here to help!