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How to Keep Septic Systems Healthy


No one wants to deal with a failing septic system. Septic systems need a little TLC to ensure that they remain healthy and able to get the job done. Taking care of your septic systems needs can ensure that you never have to deal with a failing system.

A lot of people make some mistakes with their septic systems which over time will result in a system failure. Learning how to care for residential septic systems is one of the best ways to keep everything flowing as it should.

Be Careful What You Flush

If you have a septic system you have to be very careful about what goes down your drains. You never want to flush anything that is not human waste. Here are some of the things that can really cause damage to your system that people often flush on down the drain:

Your septic system depends on bacteria to break down the waste. Pouring chemicals down the drain can kill that bacteria, of course, pouring chemicals down the drain can also poison the groundwater. Be careful not to dispose of liquid products by tossing them down the drain.

Grease solidifies when it gets cold, it can quickly clog your main drain and cause waste to back up into the home. Grease and other kitchen waste can sit in your septic and prevent waste from leaching out the way it should.

Flushable wipes and other flushable items like women’s feminine products should NOT be flushed if you have a septic tank. These products take years and years to break down and can over time fill up your tank, and cause blockage.

Keep It Clean

The average septic tank should be professionally cleaned every 3-5 years depending on the size of the household. Your septic cleaning service can help you to decide how often your tank should be cleaned.

Getting your tank regularly cleaned can help to extend the life of your tank, and to protect your leech field. Having a team of experts on your side can help you to take better care of your septic systems.

Address Problems When They Come Up

You should not have wet spots in your yard from your septic if you do call an expert in that can repair a septic system to perfection. Choosing to call the best septic tank service Norman OK has to offer will ensure that your repairs are done correctly and fast.

Waiting to repair your septic will make the problem worse. If you suspect that your septic systems are in poor health, call the experts today to get it back up to speed.