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How the Septic Tank Pumping Process Works

Your septic tank must be pumped and cleaned regularly to ensure it remains in good working condition. You can call a professional with septic tank services to help with this process. This is not something you can handle on your own. According to Flex House, septic system access ports are usually about 10 feet above the floor. You’ll need an expert to dig up your septic tank to get to the compartment so it can be drained and cleaned. Look at these steps that explain how the septic tank pumping process works.

Opening The Lid

The first step in the septic tank pumping process is to open the lid. Depending on the age of your tank, it can be opened one of two ways. If it is a tank from after the 1980s, two compartments need to be opened. If it’s older, there will be only one. Don’t worry about doing this yourself. When you hire a septic tank professional, they will do this part for you.


A septic tank professional will use a high-powered hose connected to their truck to pump the contents of your septic tank out. This will remove the majority of the waste in your septic tank.


There is often a kind of sludge left behind after the waste has been pumped from your septic tank. This will require a thorough cleaning to remove. The technician will use water to wash the walls and remove the residue left behind.


After the tank is properly emptied and cleaned, the septic tank professional will inspect it to ensure it is still in good condition. Septic tanks will eventually need to be replaced, so it is imperative that the technicians check to make sure that they are still functional and that no damage needs to be repaired.

Closing the Lid

After the inspection, the technician will close the compartments and bury your septic tank. This will conclude the process of pumping your septic tank.

As a homeowner, you must keep up with regular maintenance on things like your septic tank. You must ensure that all your home systems are in good working condition at all times. If you are ready to have your septic tank pumped and cleaned, reach out for septic tank services today at Red Dirt Septic. Our team of experts is ready to tackle your septic tank needs!