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How Do Aerobic Septic Systems Work?

Did you know the United States has more than 21 million households that use septic systems to filter and trap their waste? Our septic systems are pretty vital. Aerobic septic systems mix oxygen and sewage to accelerate the growth of oxygen-breathing bacteria. These bacteria break down the sewage, which the aerobic septic systems then filter to produce solid waste and wastewater.

How do aerobic septic systems work?

First, the system separates liquids from solids. The system stores the liquids and solids in a trash tank which works almost like a regular septic tank, but with some important differences.

In aerobic septic systems, the main processing takes place on the liquid waste in an aerobic tank. As explained earlier, the system pumps oxygen into the tank, boosting the activity of helpful bacteria in breaking down the liquids into wastewater.

Next, the system uses a disinfection device – liquid or tablet chlorinators are common – to treat the wastewater. Some of the more advanced aerobic septic systems use UV lights to disinfect the wastewater.

In the final step, the system sends processed wastewater into a distribution tank. Owners can use this water for various tasks such as spraying lawns, watering plants, and washing cars.

How easy are aerobic septic systems to use?

Aerobic septic systems are easy to use, but they are complicated pieces of machinery. They each have complex components like a control panel, photoelectric cells, and timers, among others. Engineers have designed many of these components to work with other systems in the environment, like alarm systems, submersible pumps, and aerators.

Maintenance requirements

Many states have laws that regulate the maintenance of aerobic septic systems. The state of Texas, for example, requires owners to check their system at least every four months. Texas also requires owners to have a two-year maintenance contract on each of their aerobic septic systems.

There are many manufacturers of aerobic septic systems. These systems vary widely in quality. Folks considering installing an aerobic machine need to consider which brand will work best for them. Favor brands that include reasonable maintenance costs as part of their sales package. It is essential to ensure that the seller does the maintenance jobs themselves, rather than leasing to a subcontractor.