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Facts About Aerobic Septic System Maintenance

A Warranty is Included

Proper maintenance of your aerobic septic system is extremely important.  If you live in Oklahoma, the DEQ requires a minimum of a 2-year warranty be provided to the homeowner. This warranty period is from the date of install of the aerobic septic system.  Additionally, the warranty is transferable within that period to any new homeowners.

This means the installer must maintain that system at no additional cost until that 2-year period has expired.  After that you may be offered a warranty or maintenance package for a fee.

There are Warranty Exclusions

Aerobic Septic System sprinkler line damage. If the homeowner does anything to cause damage to the aerobic septic system or cause it to function improperly, this would not be covered under your 2-year warranty.  An example would be damaging the sprinkler heads while digging or mowing your yard. This damage would not be covered under the warranty required by the DEQ rule. Another example of something that would not be covered is flushing harmful chemicals down the drain, which could cause your system to malfunction.

It’s Your Responsibility

You must maintain the system and keep it working properly.  This means treating the sewage and not allowing it to pollute any surface or groundwater.

Keep the aerobic septic system intact and functioning properly.  Take prompt action or repairs if necessary, so that there is no hazard to you, your neighbors, or the environment.

Penalties are Possible

Aerobic Septic System tank cleaning and maintenance. If you, as an owner or responsible party, violate the DEQ rules or are negligent in ensuring the health of your aerobic septic system, you may be subject to enforcement actions and potential penalties.

This is where having a Continuing Maintenance Agreement (CMA) with Red Dirt Septic can be so helpful. They will come to inspect your system and provide preventative maintenance on a regular basis to ensure your system stays healthy.


If you are ready to sign up for your CMA with Red Dirt Septic,

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