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7 Key Reasons You Need Aerobic Septic Systems On Your Property


Septic systems are a crucial part of many commercial and residential properties. Lack of a well-functioning septic system means that waste cannot be disposed of properly. Your home or building, as a result, will be a hazard to your health and that of your loved ones or clients. If you want your septic tank to run properly, you must pump it on a regular basis. On average, you should ensure that your home septic tank is cleaned every three to five years.

When choosing a septic tank for your home or building you will have two options. One of these options is aerobic septic systems. Keep reading to find out why you should choose an aerobic septic system.


On average, a properly installed and well-maintained septic tank can last up to 40 years. Regular septic tank cleaning and inspection will keep your aerobic system functional for many years. Proper septic system installation is key to ensuring that your septic system lasts long.

Requires Little Space

The size of a septic tank is determined by the number of occupants in your home or building. As such, some septic tanks require a lot of space. If you have limited space, this could be a problem. However, aerobic septic systems require little space.

Provides Higher Level of Treatment

An aerobic septic system gives you cleaner treated effluent, so there is less likelihood of groundwater contamination. If your home is located in an area with a high water table, it is advisable to install an aerobic septic system to avoid water pollution.

Environmental Friendly

With aerobic septic systems, water used for laundry or shower can be recycled to water your lawn. The water is moved through the system and treated, then recycled.

If you are looking to go green and conserve the environment, an aerobic septic system is ideal for you.

Breaks Down Household Waste Faster

Compared to its counterparts, an aerobic septic system breaks down solid wastes faster. As a result, the waste does not accumulate to alarming levels. You will, therefore, not need to pump your septic tank system frequently.

Suitable in all Types of Land

One of the greatest benefits of aerobic septic systems is that they can be used in all types of land. Other septic systems cannot be used in land with high groundwater. No matter the type of soil you have, an aerobic septic system will be suitable. Aerobic septic systems are designed to work well and be compatible with all types of soil.

Saves you Money

An aerobic septic system treats most of the wastewater inside the tank. As a result, the drain field does not require frequent repair. You get to save money that would have otherwise been used on drain field repair.

Final Word

For first-time septic tank owners, hiring reputable septic system installers is key. If you already own a septic system, always seek professional guidance if you need advice or making changes. Contact us today for reliable and trusted septic tank cleaning and installation services.