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6 Tips for Finding the Right Septic Company

More than 21 million American households use sewer tanks to filter and trap waste from their domestic wastewater. While septic systems are highly effective, they require regular inspections, emptying, and cleaning to keep them running smoothly. Most home septic tanks require cleaning every three to five years.

With the maintenance schedules being infrequent and far apart, most homeowners do not give a second thought to their septic systems. However, your septic tank will inevitably require attention from professionals before raw sewage starts bubbling from your yard and toilets. Here are six tips to help you pick out the right septic company for the job.

1. Work Experience

Your septic tank is an intricate system that requires a keen eye for detail during installation, cleaning, and maintenance. You may need to hire a septic company with considerable experience in installing and maintaining residential septic systems. Modern septic units contain various parts that require in-depth knowledge on how to fix and repair them. Pick contractors that understand your specific tank system and the integrated parts involved.

2. Licensing and Insurance

A valid license acts as proof of the legitimacy of the business. A licensed septic company proves that they have the requisite skills to successfully install, maintain, and repair a septic system. The professionals should be ready to take care of all official formalities, including permits and other legal documentation. Additionally, pick a company with an active insurance policy to protect you from legal and financial liability on any injuries sustained by any of the technicians while on your property.

3. Approach to Cleaning and Waste Disposal

Cleaning and inspection of your system may require the septic company to pump out the scum and sludge from your tanks. It is important to find a septic tank specialist that takes their environmental duties seriously through responsible waste disposal. Check for accreditations for the firm that prove their stand on environmental values. Look for mentions on precautions taken to protect the environment during the cleaning and pumping of the sludge.

3. Services Rendered

Your primary concern may be to find a septic company to install and regularly maintain your septic tank. However, most companies provide additional services that are beneficial to your drainage systems in the long term. From expert repairs, annual inspections, emergency call-outs to pumping services, most septic companies offer services beyond the routine septic tank maintenance.

4. Pricing

You may need to factor in the expenses involved in looking after your septic tanks. You can request multiple quotes from different contractors to find a baseline for your budget calculations. However, factoring in the essential role of your septic system, do not at any point compromise quality to save a few hundred bucks.

5. Reviews

Your best bet at finding a reputable septic company is through reviewing past customer experiences with the said contractor. Online review sites and the company’s website will provide vital information on the firm’s customer service, expertise, work ethic, and reliability.

Your septic tank system will require close attention to keep it functioning flawlessly and extend its service life. Are you searching for a septic company in Oklahoma City to pump, clean, and inspect your system? Call Red Dirt Septic. Our experts are ready to listen to your concerns and offer prompt solutions for all your septic needs.