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3 Tips for Keeping Your Septic Tank Working Great in the Winter

If you have a septic tank on your property, you should equip yourself with knowledge about seasonal care. According to EPA, about 25% of homes in the United States use septic systems and the tanks on these systems receive about 4 billion gallons of wastewater daily. To keep these tanks running smoothly, it’s important to protect them from the cold in the winter. Here’s what you need to know about winter septic tank maintenance.

1. Invest in a Thermal Lid Cover

One of the things most people worry about when it comes to septic tanks in winter is the formation of ice. The best way to reduce the chances of your septic tank freezing over in winter is to invest in a thermal cover. High-quality thermal lid covers can prevent the interior of your septic tank from freezing. Some of the covers require installation. This means you need to work with a reliable septic tank system maintenance company to ensure the lid is installed properly. The septic tank maintenance company can also help you choose the best thermal lid cover for your tank.

2. Avoid Removing Snow From the Lid

Do you know that snow is a great insulator? That might seem unbelievable, but the famous igloos use the same concept. This is because the snow has lots of air and small amounts of water. These air pockets are great for insulation, and they can protect your tank from freezing temperatures. Instead of transferring cold temperatures into your tank, the snow above the lid keeps them away. This is why you must avoid plowing or shoveling snow away in an attempt to keep the lid clean.

3. Run the Water Often

One of the best ways to ensure that no harm comes to your septic tank system in winter is to use it regularly. This means you must flush water regularly. If you know that outdoor temperatures are going to be below freezing, you should let the water run for prolonged periods. You don’t need to have the water on full blast. Just a small trickle will do. When the water is constantly on the move, it won’t freeze in your pipes.

These are some of the things you can do to maintain your septic tank system during the winter months. Are you worried about septic tank maintenance in winter? Sometimes it helps to work with experts. Get in touch with Red Dirt Septic today to schedule a service visit!