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3 Overlooked Signs of Impending Septic System Failure

Over 21 million homes in the U.S. utilize septic systems to trap and filter the waste from their bathrooms. Septic systems are less expensive, more environmentally friendly, and more water-efficient. However, these homes don’t utilize the public sewer system at all. This means that if their septic system needs repair, it’s more than just a minor convenience that can be corrected by the municipality.

Homeowners need to watch for key signs of septic system problems. If your household waste discharges into a septic tank, it’s likely that your septic system needs repair if you’ve noticed any of the following indicators.

Slower Drains

When you have issues with the drains in your home, it’s easy to open up some drain cleaner and assume that the issue is solved. But slow drains that don’t resolve, even after you’ve tried using basic cleaning methods, can be a sign of a larger problem. You may need to reach out to a professional to determine if your septic system needs repair, as this can cause your drains to be significantly slower and can lead to other issues down the line.

Gurgling Pipes

If you’ve noticed your pipes making gurgling noises but there’s no sign of a clog, it may be time to reach out to a septic system professional. These skilled individuals can listen to your pipes and determine if your septic system needs repair or if there’s an issue with your home’s pipes. Either way, don’t ignore gurgling pipes, as this is a sign that something’s going wrong in your home.

Greener Grass

Greener grass is not always a sign that something is going well. In fact, if the grass is greener over your septic field, it’s a sign that something has gone very wrong and your septic system needs repair. Keep an eye out for a patch of grass that is dramatically brighter and greener than the rest of the grass in your yard. If you notice this, it’s time to reach out to a septic system professional in your area for assistance.

There are numerous benefits to home septic systems, including their lower impact on the environment. However, if something goes wrong with your septic system, it can become a major health hazard for your entire family. Contact a local septic system installation and repair professional for an evaluation. Our skilled professionals can help you fix the damage so that your household is as safe and healthy as possible.