Continuing Maintenance Agreement

Service Start Date:   

Red Dirt Septic will provide the following continuing aerobic maintenance services:

  • System orientation
  • Service visits every six months.
  • Inspection & testing of the aeration, alarm, and spray systems
  • Monitoring of sludge & scum levels in tanks
  • Cleaning of filters & weirs
  • Replacement of diffusers (when applicable).
  • Replenishing chlorine
  • Cleaning of media (when applicable)
  • Other maintenance as required per manufacturer.
  • 50% Discount on service call fees during & after normal business hours

This agreement does not include:

  • Cost of replacement parts
  • Pumping

Term of this agreement:

  • Payment method required to activate agreement.
  • Renews automatically until cancelled by property owner or Red Dirt Septic
  • Can be cancelled at any time by written request (email) from the property owner.

Pricing Option:

  • $175 per visit or $350 per year. Pricing is based on one aerobic system within our standard service area. Multiple systems or systems outside of our standard service area are subject to additional fees.

*Service calls may result in additional charges for replacement parts or work not contemplated by normal maintenance service.  Additionally, service charges will be assessed for calls necessitated by extreme weather events or other Acts of God.

*Payment is due at time of service.  My Signature authorizes Red Dirt Septic to begin the CMA program starting on   date. In accordance with the above stated agreement, I authorize Red Dirt Septic to automatically charge my credit or debit card on a bi-annual basis (every six months) or until I cancel the agreement. I agree to keep a form of payment on file via the secured ssl web payment site provided by Red Dirt Septic.


Your Inspection and Preventative Maintenance Service Includes:

  • Add Chlorine in pump tank
  • Replace air diffuser in ATU
  • Clean aerator filter
  • Test photocell, timer, alarms & floats
  • Adjust floats, if needed
  • Test sprinkler spray and check spray pattern
  • Check lid locks and risers
  • Break up scum in the clarifier in Aerobic Treatment Unit
  • Check odor and turbidity in ATU
  • Check water clarity in pump tank
  • Record depth of scum and sludge in tanks
  • Check overall operation of system including aeration and spray systems
  • Determine if pumping of the system is required

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